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Made in France

Lémé has made the choice of an artisanal production. Concerned about the respect of know-how, the brand has put forward the work of French craftsmen.



Lémé products come from French artisanal know-how. The models are designed and made in France, with a focus on French artisanal manufacturing techniques. “Made in France” represents an undeniable guarantee of quality.

Each copy is unique because shaped by the hand of French craftsmen known and recognized in the luxury leather goods sector, guaranteeing an irreproachable finish to Lémé bags. Each seam and each finish is scrupulously studied.
For Lémé, every detail is important, to ensure an elegant and high-quality product.

The choice of leather.

The choice of leathers is made in a meticulous manner. Lémé selects quality skins from the largest French tanneries, for a remarkable and exceptional result. These noble leathers are renowned for their quality: they are resistant, thick and have a sumptuous solid and shiny appearance on the flower side (outside of the skin). This very resistant flower side makes it possible to adapt to all practices and to resist external elements.

These skins are unique: variations in color, small marks or veins are natural elements and should not be considered as imperfections.

Leather evolves and skates over the seasons depending on the characteristics of the product (color, locations, etc.) or its use ... a few regular attentions will make it possible to maintain the integrity and nobility of the products. Leather care tips are included in the description of each item.



To add a personal touch to your piece of leather goods, our workshop offers a custom customization service. Bring an exceptional touch to each product thanks to the marking of the initials or message of your choice. Color: 22 carat gold, silver but also some colors (blue, green, red, etc.) or simply without film.

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