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The brand

The origin


It all starts with a word, Lémé. Nice name from Soninké which means my child. Native to Egypt, Soninké is both a language and an ethnic group that we find today in West Africa.

From the organization of the village under the palaver tree of Diaguily, to the hazardous work in the fields of Bakel, the Soninke woman, whether from Kaye or Sebi, has accumulated for several centuries several caps. In the Soninke world, the education of the child is essential and it is culturally the mother who has this task. She therefore has to juggle a high work pace and carry out the education of her children. Working-girl before the hour, it is by inspiring the Soninké woman that Lémé was born.

Lémé is the meeting of leather, design and practicality. Who says you can't combine elegance, luxury and a diaper bag? Our bags are meticulously made by craftsmen in warm workshops where thoroughness and attention to detail are still the watchwords. The fruit of unrivaled work thanks to the perfectionism of our craftsmen, Lémé changing bags sublimate the woman who is in each mother.

Lémé Paris x Maison Rose_edited.jpg

In accordance with our values and principles, every year part of the profits ofLeme Paris is donated to humanitarian actions related to children and women

We therefore thank all the people who join our universe and thus participate directly in brightening the lives of many children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To follow our latest action in pictures  go to the blog.


"I have been looking for a changing bag that is both practical and design for a long time. I am not disappointed, the Lémé changing bags are resistant and original"

- Affy Beye - 

“The backpack is a real space saver and is very elegant.”


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